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November 19, 2007
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Wonder Woman - Beyond by ReverendTrigster Wonder Woman - Beyond by ReverendTrigster
Continuing in the same vein as my Batgirl Beyond [link] and Birds Of Prey [link] pieces, this time it's Diana's turn to be updated to the Beyond timeline.
Mostly inspired by the look of the "Justice Lord" Diana from the series, though with a bit of Frank Miller and even a little of the modern Wonder Girl look thrown into the mix.

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short hair……
she‘s more like the one in Justice Lord 0 0
And she's clothed! :D I always thought it was hilarious that she wore her original outfit. If you see the movie, her mother is warning her against the "evil of men", and right before she sends her out, she gives her a "strapless bathing suit" to go out in.
That never bothered me in and of itself since, after all, what is and is not "decent" clothing is a cultural thing and thus totally subjective. Plus I think the "evil of men" her mother was referring to was violence and greed.

No see, my problem was that it was supposed to be *functional* armour and yet it left her throat, thighs and half her chest & back exposed. I also can't see the tiara protecting her from much.
Wow! Wonder Woman all covered up! Her crown looks very much like a Ancient Greek style helmet. I'm sure she's tough enough not to need protection for her nose, but very interesting design :) Well done
Wow those amazon genes really last don't they
juanito316ss Nov 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think she should have aged, since in Young Justice she's 90 years old and seem younger than 20 (at least to me)
Well physically she hasn't aged at all, she is immortal after all. Indeed, I'm pretty sure in Justice League she was thousands of years old. However, living away from the Island for so long would have matured her as a person. Not quite the same thing as ageing.
juanito316ss Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
With "for so long" you mean forty years?
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